Saturday, February 09, 2008

"the good life"

"Often we seem bent on ensuring that the next generation will have a better life than did the preceding generations - the ability to live "the good life." But we define that life as the presence of comfort and security combined with the absence of hardship and disappointment. Well-intentioned parents often try to buy experiences and environments that foster a soft and satisfying lifestyle for their progeny.

In contrast, a biblical understanding of "the good life" is one that provides exploits and opportunities in order to experience, obey and serve God and other people. The existence of difficulties, failures and even persecution are not so much indicators of failure as they are events that build character and test our resolve to know, love and serve God. If life is primarily about our participation in a spiritual battle, then we must expect to encounter trials and pitfalls. The route to significance and success, therefore, demands that we develop the moral and spiritual foundations that permit us to lead holy and servantlike lifestyles."

- George Barna, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions


Julana said...

Great quote.

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