Monday, February 04, 2008

pod school

This Christmas I finally joined the i-poders (got a very slim and streamlined ipod touch!). Besides loving the portable music, I wanted to own this toy to be able to download messages and teaching. Here are some sites I've found from which you can download sermons, talks, interviews etc.

The podcast page at is an index of Christian ministry podcasts, including such popular programs as Focus on the Family and Desiring God Radio (John Piper).

Ravi Zacharias's mp3s (Let My People Think) are listed here.

Joyce Meyer's teaching podcasts can be found on this page:

If you enjoy some of the literary stuff on the CBC, their radio broadcasts "Between the Covers," "Writers and Company" and a slew of others are available as podcasts. You can subscribe to them here.

Happy listening (and learning)!


Julana said...

It's amazing how much free stuff is out there.
I have a cheaper mp3 player from Radio Shack. I really enjoy stuff from Calvin College's january series, and from their worship conference. I've also listened to some interesting things from the N.T. Wright web page, although he's sometimes controversial. Eugene Peterson is my favorite.

violet said...

Thanks for the heads up on more resources, Julana!

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