Saturday, March 01, 2008

projects unending

After I finished knitting the baby afghan a few weeks ago, I realized I should not be without a make-while-watching-tv project ever again. So I've begun another one.

Something I inherited from my mother is the wonderful Reader's Digest Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. It contains 350 pages of stitch combinations (about 900 stitches) to make every possible combination of pattern and edging and granny square and lacework that you can imagine, along with color photos.

I decided in this project to renew my acquaintance with crochet (something I haven't done since granny squares were in, super long ago). I found the section of medium-weight stitches which I thought would be the right weight for another afghan. There I picked out a Crosshatch Stitch 1 with a skill level of "easy".

I decided to use the white yarn I had left over from the baby afghan I knitted. After completing several inches of white, I began to get bored so have been adding color stripes using yarn I had left over from another project. Since this morning I've completed the row of white just after the pink and am now working on the blue row. I'm planning to continue the middle part in white, and then repeat the pastel stripes on the other end.

Once this project is done, I still have, thanks to my Ultimate Sourcebook, a lifetime's worth of more stitches and patterns to try out.


Islandsparrow said...

I think I've seen that book at the library. I'm going to request it. I'm still working away at my scarf. At this rate it will be ready for next winter!

violet said...

I did that too. This winter finished a scarf I started in 2006! Stay the course - and you'll wear it one of these years. :)

Sonia Spooner said...

ahhh mummy,
I love it! I nest... you knit. We're both just spinning our wheels killing time.

violet said...

That's right kiddo! Glad you may well end up with you :)

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