Monday, February 18, 2008

she is available

Last week when I was in Lethbridge, I met some of the other guests of Passionate Women. One was Evelyn Hinds from Texas. She told us her story.

Some years ago when she was working as a docent in a museum, she was scheduled to do a training presentation. Her supervisor suggested that rather than prepare a lecture or talk, she dress up as a historic character and present her information in that way. The skit she prepared revived within her the interest in acting she'd had since high school and proved to be a big hit.

Driving home from the presentation with a friend from church and still excited about how well the performance had gone, she said, "Who knew that I would be good at that? Who can I be for church?"

When she arrived home she went straight to her book case and got out her favorite devotional Each New Day. "I'll be Corrie ten Boom*." she declared.

That was a turning point in Evelyn's life. Her portrayal of Corrie didn't end with the skit she wrote and performed for the women of her church. Invitations began to come in for her to do the Corrie ten Boom act in other churches, at women's meetings, conferences and on the radio.

Over the years she has spent a lot of time making her performance as realistic and authentic as possible. She has met with everyone she could find who knew Corrie before she died. She visited the ten Boom home and museum in Holland. She took speech training from Florence Littauer to strengthen her presentation. Last year she heeded Ms. Littauer's encouragement and wrote The Weaving -- the story of her life and how the ministry Corrie ten Boom Live came about.

In the GodTube video below, she performs just over 3 minutes of her 45-minute Corrie ten Boom presentation.

What I love about Evelyn and her story is how it illustrates God using a woman who told Him she is available -- and in a way that is beautifully customized to her temperament, training, interests and talents. I wonder what would happen if you and I told Him the same thing.


*Wondering who Corrie ten Boom was? Here's the story of Corrie and ten Boom family in brief.


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