Wednesday, April 16, 2008

promptings' potpourri

This is totally frivolous but I couldn't help but share this cool piece about different ways to lace your shoes. Apparently there are 43,200. Who knew?


Congratulations to Canadian singer/writer Carolyn Arends on becoming a Christianity Today columnist! (You may recall I reviewed Arend's book Wrestling With Angels here a few weeks ago.) Her first column "Carbonated Holiness" begins:

Recently, I threw out three boxes worth of my kids' Sunday school crafts. I felt heartless and vaguely evil. But really, one can only store so much Fun Foam in a single house.

Still, there was one piece of art I was compelled to save. My daughter had cut out and colored pictures of children engaged in different acts of worship, and glued them onto a sheet. (She was three; you were expecting decoupage?)

Bethany had been particularly proud of this assignment because of the gluing part. (I think she may have a future in adhesives.) The day she brought it home, I acknowledged the excellence of the glue-work and then asked her to tell me what the pictures represented. "Praying! Giving! Reading the Bible!" she shouted as I pointed to each scene.

I saved the best picture for last—a boy with his mouth open wide in song. Singing is my favorite form of worship. I knew it would be Bethany's too, what with her mother being a singer and all.

"Laughing," said Bethany, when I pointed to the boy with the open mouth.

I stood corrected. Laughing is my favorite form of worship.



The winners of the 2008 Utmost Poetry contest have been announced. (I made the list -- somewhere in the middle. Check back as more winning poems will be viewable in the days ahead.)


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