Saturday, June 13, 2009

aging: new roles

On the topic of aging, I love Deborah Gyapong's reflections in a recent blog post. She begins:

"I'm approaching one of those milestone birthdays, one that is making me pause to reflect on what is now likely to be the final quarter of my life. This year my birthday on June 19th falls on the day we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I was born on Father's Day. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. How that will pan out, I leave to Him. But I want to resist the urge to gradually "retire" or fade into just looking after myself and my needs, to give up, to rest on my laurels as modest as they may be. Some day I may not be able to be as outwardly active, but I pray that the Lord will draw me into intercessory prayer and other forms of more hidden ministry."

Read all of "Some Reflections on the Final Stretch" (and notice, by her photo at least, Deborah is far from entering her dotage).

In our culture, where it's considered almost an embarrassment to be old, we need more of Deborah's graceful, accepting attitude which looks forward to new roles of usefulness instead of thinking of only me, me, poor old me.


Lynda S. said...

Deborah's is an excellent article, Vi, and I'll go back and comment on your InScribe article in a moment (smile).

Thanks for this.

violet said...

Thanks Lynda - and glad you enjoyed Deborah's article. I love her attitude.

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