Monday, September 14, 2009

nesting - grandma style

This morning we got the joyous news that our daughter delivered a healthy boy - her second. Little David weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 or 11 oz. 

Saturday on her FB page, daughter talked about the lasagna and pumpkin pies she was making - and someone called it 'nesting.' Well, after today's news, I kicked away from the computer and did a little nesting of my own - grandma style. I made soup and cookies to bring with us when we make trip to her house later this week. Now to do a little shopping... (books - I need books for the toddler, plus newborn stuff, plus something to make the new mommy feel special - and I'd better not forget about the new dad either. I am so not a shopper, but this demands a break from my customary avoidance of the mall) and we're good to go.


Sonia Spooner said...

I hadn't read this yet... So cute you are mummy

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