Monday, January 18, 2010


A few days ago I sat down and worked out some goals and resolutions for 2010. I set general and specific targets for myself in five areas: spiritual, physical, social, writing and house and home.

My house and home section reads:

General: Cut down on clutter and stuff I keep and store.
Specific: Choose one area to work on per month. Declutter for three hours per week (all at once or spread over several sessions.) Area for January is my office.

A big reason for starting in my office is because it's in my work space that I give in most noticeably to my tendency to squirrel things away. I have drawers filled with clippings from newspapers and internet printouts on subjects I have found interesting and thought I might write about one day. But how relevant is stuff from 1998, 2002, or even 2005?

Meanwhile I've begun filling boxes with research notes from recent projects, saving them because -- well, who knows, I might need them again. But will I ever? (I paid attention last June when at Write! Canada, Chip MacGregor told our workshop he never keeps notes from a finished project.)

I started my decluttering on Saturday. I spent a most enjoyable several hours surrounded by papers, humming along to the shredder and music on itunes. But I have many tricky bits still to tackle. The book Simplify Your Life by Marcia Ramsland is holding my hand. This statement in Chapter 1 under the heading "Where do I begin"  is my little beacon at this point:

"The basis of determining what to change is really quite simple: Keep what is working; change what is frustrating." -Marcia Ramsland

How do you maintain a streamlined life?


Julana said...

My life is not as streamlined as I would like.
I also got in the de-cluttering mode, with the Christmas decorations coming down.
I like your dividing into areas of focus, so something doesn't get missed.
For some reason, the holidays always leave me unfocused and tired.

Anonymous said...

good site to help with decluttering

violet said...

I feel the same way about the holidays, Julana. Definitely need a time to catch my breath. Hope you're feeling better.

And thanks, Anonymous, for the Flylady tip!

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