Wednesday, January 06, 2010

merry christmas eve!


Yes indeed. Today is Orthodox Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas Day.

In honor of my husband's slavic roots (his mother was Ukrainian, his dad Russian) our Christmas decorations are still up and our outside lights still glow through the night reminding everyone there's still a celebration going on!

This Regina Leader Post article addresses some of the challenges associated with celebrating Christmas on a different day than the rest of the population.

This wonderful article called "Russian Christmas"  tells of the rich heritage that accompanies this day in Russia (where Christmas was banned from 1917 until 1992).

Russians celebrate it heartily these days.

Click on the image to view the video Orthodox Christmas enlightens hearts.


Julana said...

My mother called it "old Christmas" this morning. I googled it, and found the Appalachian Scots and others celebrated it. It predates December Christmas, and celebrates the good news coming to the gentiles, when the wise men reached Christ. If you sneak into the barn at midnight on Jan. 5th, you will hear animals vocalizing in speech-like cadences.

violet said...

Aw - love that last story!

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