Friday, June 08, 2012

promptings potpourri: money and smell edition

If you're a senior or love one who is, these articles may be of interest:

  • Are you a caregiver? "If you are looking after someone with a serious or terminal condition, you run the risk of being pushed to the limits over time, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and challenged both mentally and physically," says Dr. Jacqueline Brunshaw.  Read about aspects of caregiving (including six things you can do for yourself and ten signs of caregiving burnout) in  Dr. Brunshaw's  National Post article "Giving too much: 'Compassion fatigue' is a real health risk for long-term caregivers."

  • David Mainse, founder of 100 Huntley Street, the popular Canadian Christian TV program, has begun blogging. 100 Words - is a daily walk-through-the Bible blog written by this 75-year-old. He began posting June 1st, 2012.

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