Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"...retirement a great mistake" says centenarian doctor

One hundred-and-one-year-old Dr. Ephraim Engelman is still working! He loves his work of treating arthritis patients and doing research.

At the time of his 100th birthday (March 2011) he gave some advice on how to live a long life. Among the things he said:

"Exercise is totally unnecessary. The use of vitamins? Forget it!"

SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle) ran the article "Dr. Ephraim Engelman going strong at age 100" also in March 2011. In it he shares some of these Tips for Longevity:

"... choose the right parents, choose the right spouse, do crossword puzzles and, above all else, keep breathing. Among the things he recommends against are traveling by air, taking vitamins, falling down and doing the type of activity that leads to falling down.
"I don't exercise," he says. "That's one of the commandments."

Almost as important as not exercising is not watching what you eat. Right up there, too, at Commandment No. 3: "Enjoy your work, whatever it is, or don't do it."

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