Tuesday, July 24, 2012

promptings potpourri (grumpy old people etc.)

My brain needs a break from dwelling on its degeneration. This week I have a potpourri of links so you can read what others have to say about the topic of aging from a variety of perspectives.

On Physical aging:

From the Globe and Mail: "For Diane Keaton, aging is to laugh."

Also from the Globe and Mail: "Why is walking in the woods so good for you?" (I'd say at any age!)

On Social aging:

From BBC NEWS: "Grumpy old people 'can't help it'" (an article about why oldsters don't get the joke; don't miss the comments).

On old thoughts and ideas:

As someone who is of a different generation than the movers and shakers of today, do you sometimes feel like the younger generation views your thoughts and ideas as irrelevant? "Like compounds and breakfast items, all ideas do not expire equally. We are thus badly mistaken to dismiss a thought solely because it is old," writes Jill Carattini in the article "Expiration Date" on the RZim.org site.

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CallingForth said...

Quite the topic Violet. In the Star Phoenix is a 3-part series on age discrimination in the workplace. It is interesting. I especially like one of the conclusions..."[older employees] belong to the workhorse generation: they value benefits, a good pension and want to be left in peace to get things accomplished. They've also done more than their share for most of their careers - and data suggests gen X & Y either aren't willing or aren't able to take on the same load once those positions open up - It's not going to be a one-to-one exchange. The reality is that it will take three people to replace two boomers...If you've got an engaged boomer, you're not going to get a better employee..."

Some of the quotes included re "us" by young people are very unkind and judgmental.

Wonder were we will be in 10 years!

violet said...

Sounds like an interesting series! Your quote speaks volumes. Too bad there has to be an us-them mentality in these things.

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