Saturday, November 10, 2012


This October 19th was promptings' 8th blogaversary! Who would have thought, when I nervously put up my first post, that  I would still be going strong (though perhaps not as strong) eight years later?

Things have changed in the past eight years. For me the big change came in 2006 when I got a digital camera. Blogging possibilities multiplied when I could share my love of nature, gardening, flowers, food, murals ... in living colour!

Seasons © V. Nesdoly
Seasons come to a blog's life too!

I have also taken advantage of blogging in other places during the last eight years. I have published a children's devotional blog, an adult devotional blog, a writing blog, a personal poetry blog, a mural blog, as well as contributing to several group blogs.

Lately it's begun to feel like a little too much. So I've decided to streamline my online life. One aspect of that is to change promptings from a wordy blog to a photo blog (because I can't bear to shut it down and I still want a place to share my camera finds). This Tuesday I will post my last Seniors-focused post. It's been an interesting topic to explore, but I'm finding it's taking time and energy that I'd like to devote to other things.

So expect mostly photographic fare at promptings from now on. I'm excited about this!

And you are most cordially invited to visit to read my wordy posts (book reviews, things I'm learning about Bible times and customs, developments and trends in book publishing and marketing, links to resources that help me as a writer of prose, poetry and more).

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