Friday, May 13, 2005

promptings' potpourri

Just in case you’re needing more to read...

Nancy at Just Thinking tells us what she and her husband did to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary...a great idea for any anniversary.

Two posts on William Meisheid’s blog Beyond the Rim... caught my eye. I enjoyed the photos on this one ("Sheep and Wool"), the faces of the sheep and especially that row of brooms, hopeful debutantes waiting for someone to ask them to dance. In another post "Humility, the Blogosphere and the Family of God" he articulates what I’ve often thought since putting out my own little shingle in the blogosphere.

Paula at Listen In... sees God as "The Great IM" (Instant Messager) -- a great comparison!

And finally, for a light whimsical dessert: "The Table and the Chair" by Edward Lear (Thursday, May 12th entry).


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