Sunday, April 30, 2006

bamboo school and the border police - intro

The April 18th edition of (a weekly email put out by Voice of the Martyrs) alerted me to the ongoing tense situation in Burma. Quoting from Christian Newswire services on behalf of Christian Freedom International, the email said:

“In Burma this time of year is known locally as the ‘killing season’ and this year is no exception. During the dry season soldiers can move easier in the dense jungles of Burma and this year the military junta has stepped up its genocidal attacks on the Karen, an ethnic (predominantly Christian) minority in Burma.”
This reminded me of a story I wrote for Guide several years ago. The events of that story took place in Bong-Ti, a village in Thailand just over the Burma (Myanmar) border. That story also had its beginning at this time of year (May) in 2002.

I got the story facts through email exchanges with the Bamboo School founder and teacher Catherine Riley-Bryan. The three-part piece, “The Bamboo School and the Border Police,” ran in Guide in November of 2003.

I’ll be posting the story over the next few days. You'll meet an exceptional woman and gain a little understanding of the plight of the Karen people in 2002, which continues to this day.


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