Friday, April 28, 2006


on how things are going:

- My mom’s condition is about the same – even improving a bit.

- Because she tires with the least exertion, I’ve begun going over to her suite every morning to help her get dressed, to fetch her breakfast and to make sure she’s comfortably installed in her recliner. We’ve also arranged, through the local health authority, for aides to come in for an hour in the evening to help her shower and get ready for bed. This makes it possible for her to stay in her assisted living suite for the time being.

- Various family member have or are coming from distances to visit Mom. Our house has become the grand motel. This is actually lots of fun.

- I’ve begun training my replacement for the medical transcription job. May 12th is my last day!

- Via an email from The Word Guild yesterday: the two pieces of writing I entered in this year’s Word Guild Awards have both made it onto the short list (PDF):
~ “More Beautiful Than Flowers” in the Article - Young Adult / Children category.
~ “Transformation” in the Poetry category.


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