Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Savary Island

Tuesday, September 16:

First a good friend mentioned making a trip to Savary Island as a must-do when I told her where we were going. Then the lady at the Information Centre suggested it too. So Tuesday (Sept. 16th) found us eating an early breakfast, then driving out to Lund to catch a 9:00 a.m. water taxi for the 10-minute ride to Savary.

It's a little jewel of a place for sure and the sunny day we had helped show it off to best advantage. Once on the island we were on foot (it's a small island, 7.5 km. long x .3 - 1 km. wide); it would be perfect for a bike.

From the Government Wharf we walked down Malaspina Promenade past rustic cottages like this B&B.

We eventually found our way to Townley Walk, which led across the island to the South Beach Trail - a steep, switchbacky sand path that took us to a wide sandy beach.

And that's where we spent a good hour or two -- marveling at wind and waves strong enough to move the massive beached tree, walking barefoot in the sand, and exploring the driftwood shacks (quite a contrast to what's living on the hill just above).

We also had our snack -- a huge cookie and apple each, plus water. We'd been forewarned that with the end of summer the store and restaurant were closed and they weren't kidding. There is very little commercial stuff on the island to begin with and what there is was snugged away for the winter.

The east end of the beach is made up of very slippery algae-covered rocks, on which E. very nearly took a tumble. I stayed well away!

We eventually left the beach and explored a few more of the island's paths/streets. Then we made our way back to laze on the north beach within sight of the wharf to wait for "Comingtagetcha" to pick us up at 1:30. (But I want to come back someday!)

Back in Lund, we found Nancy's Bakery and settled at a table with another fabulous view to enjoy a delicious muffin and coffee.


CallingForth said...

I love exploring places through your pictures!

Violet N. said...

Thank you, CallingForth!

This trip you're looking at was so much fun...and already three+ years ago. How can that be?

Preston said...


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