Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Texada Island

Wednesday, September 17:

We were definitely in the island-hopping mode and didn't want to miss Texada, the largest of the Gulf Islands (51 km. long x 6 km. across) accessible from Powell River. Late Wednesday morning (Sept. 17th) we boarded a Texada Island-bound ferry from downtown Powell River.

The girl running the info shop near the Blubbler Bay ferry terminal on Texada gave us a map and pointed us toward the Tree Frog Bistro in Gillies Bay for lunch. Good tip! We enjoyed the froggy ambience along with tasty food (Quesadilla - yum!).

We then drove to the Shelter Point Park and spent a few minutes walking off our lunch. Savary Island this is not! This island has an altogether different feel. It is way more populated with a paved road running down about half of it (the rest serviced by logging roads -- it has much rocky forest). And the beach -- well, judge for yourself.

Love the arbutus trees which drop their bark, not their leaves.

Van Anda (named for the gold exploration company) is another community on the island. We checked it out too There we found a street that followed the beach and got out to explore something that looked like the foundation of a burned-out house. (We found out later it was an abandoned copper mine; Texada is more about lumbering and mining -- now has a gravel quarry but formerly copper and even gold mines -- than beaches and summer relaxation - at least to casual observers like us.)

We filled out our time with another trip to the Tree Frog for dessert (where we sighted a shy deer),

and a walk on the Shelter Point Nature Trail.

Then it was time to get in the ferry line-up for our return to Powell River.


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