Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sayward, B.C.

About an hour from Seymour Narrows on Highway 19 we turned right down a side road that took us to the town of Sayward.

Sayward is a coastal community built on Kelsey Bay. It is a lumber town that for years was accessible only by boat. After WWII a gravel road was built and in 1979 it was paved.

The main industry of the town is still lumbering -- although its website lists several interesting tourist attractions as well, like bird watching, which we'll have to do next time we travel this road.

The rusted hulls in this picture seem to be another example of old boats used as a breakwater.

At the junction to Highway 19 we came across this beautiful wildlife mural.


Janice and Gerald said...

Beautiful pictures Violet. Isn't this a spectacular corner of the planet?

Pilgrim said...

Very nice. You're blessed.

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