Friday, October 24, 2008

Langford & Victoria

September 23 - 25

The last three days of our vacation the weather threw a tantrum. Happily for us, we'd planned to spend the time with friends in Victoria.

We did get a little reprieve from the rain now and again, when we drove and walked around Langford and Victoria.

These deer were grazing very close to where our friends live. They are not a favorite with the locals, especially not the gardeners, though they are pretty.

One day we went to Ogden Point for lunch and a walk around the outer harbour.

I caught this river animal (rat? or otter?), climbing around on the flotsam,

and the big west coast sky.

And then vacation time was over (sigh) and it was time to take the ferry back home to the mainland and all things ordinary.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Beautiful! Love all the animals you got photos off, so different to what i see here!

Violet N. said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

could the river animal be an otter?

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