Friday, October 03, 2008

Powell River - 3

September 15-18:

Here are a few more highlights from our visit to Powell River.

The Hulks:

Powell River's floating breakwater of ships have been part of the waterfront since 1930. Needed to protect the paper mill's log storage pond, ten ships built of wood, steel and reinforced concrete have been brought to Powell River for use in this breakwater. They are chained together and anchored to huge concrete blocks 150 feet below.

The concrete ships that make up the breakwater were built for use in the First and Second World Wars. Concrete ships were built when there was a shortage of plate steel for ship construction, but they were found to be too heavy in relation to their cargo-carrying capacity to compete with steel cargo vessels during peacetime.

Because of tree growth, it's not easy to get a picture of the whole string of them. Here are a few shots we managed to get on our various attempts.

Discover more about these hulks here.


Here are a few that give a feel of the place.

Trails & Walks:

We walked part of the Willingdon Beach Trail - accessed right across Marine Avenue from the Museum. It reminded us very much of the rain forest paths we walk at home.

I will leave you on the Powell River Seawall, watching the sun set over the ocean.


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