Friday, October 17, 2008


Carrying on with vacation memories...

Monday, September 22

We reached our destination, Parksville, early Monday afternoon and were soon installed in the Sandcastle Inn, across from this delightful play spot (which we never visited - we'll have to come back someday with our grandbaby)

Lush baskets like this one decorated our patio.

We wasted no time finding Rathtrevor Beach, a place with lots of early '90s camping memories. It was still there in all its vastness, although on the afternoon of our visit the tide was in.

The next morning the tide was out exposing miles of sand with even the odd jellyfish.

A little browsing around town netted these murals.

All in all, Parksville was a lovely place to visit at the tail end of the holiday season with the summer rush of vacationers mostly over, but the beauty of summer lingering on.


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