Thursday, October 09, 2008

Telegraph Cove - 1

Saturday, September 20:

From Port McNeill we decided to backtrack to Telegraph Cove and see about booking a whale watch trip.

While there we discovered the Whale Interpretive Centre (on the Telegraph Cove boardwalk) was going to be open for a few minutes (a private event earlier meant that it had been closed for most of the day).

It was a quickie, but I did get shots of few of the displays.

This is a Fin whale skeleton that hangs from the ceiling. (Fin whales are the second largest mammals on earth, smaller only than blue whales. This whale was hit by a cruise ship in June of 1999 near the north tip of Malcolm Island.)

Jaw bones of a Blue whale. Each of these jawbones is over 18 feet long and weighs about 400 lbs.

A Pygmy Sperm whale skeleton.

Otters - river otter top, sea otter bottom.

A sea lion skeleton

The skeleton of a five-year-old Orca.

The most impressive thing about this exhibit for me was the monstrous whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. How massive these creatures are!


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