Friday, October 30, 2009

jack-o-lantern who's who

It's the season for carving pumpkins, so when my bro-in-law sent me these photos of pumpkins carved by Thunder Bay resident Betty Krebs, I just had to get them for the blog. 

When, in my email asking for permission to post them, I complimented her on her talent, Krebs replied, "I've been carving real pumpkins for 15 years and use subjects from current affairs from whatever happens from Oct. to Oct. I carve purely for fun and I really don't look at it as a talent."

More on Betty Krebs and her pumpkin carving here.


Michael Jackson - Before © Betty Krebs

Michael Jackson - After © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Jordan Staal © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Farrah Fawcett © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Bea Arthur © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Patrick Swayze © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Brett Favre © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Steve Tyler © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Tiger Woods © 2009 by Betty Krebs

John Travolta © 2009 by Betty Krebs

Bob and Jillian (The Biggest Loser trainers) © 2009 by Betty Krebs


I beg to differ. I think Betty Krebs has talent - don't you?

Betty's  husband is obviously talented too. He runs the Vienna Bakery in Thunder Bay. I may have more info on that later. For now drool over these.


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