Tuesday, July 12, 2005

an apology

I’m taking part in a poetry reading tonight (want to come...there will be at least five people – the two other readers, the lady who organized this, hubby and me -- and FOOD).

Actually poetry readings are a lot of fun, in the right crowd. Since this is a crowd of strangers (to me), I’m not sure what it will be like, but we’ll make it fun anyway.

So, I’m looking through my ‘body of work’ trying to figure out with what to fill 20 - 25 minutes, and I come across this ditty about summer gardening. It’s feeling bad because it doesn’t make the cut – so I tell it, I’ll put it on my blog.

An Apology to Timid Plants

Sage has bloomed riotous purple most of May
– no heart to trim those peppery stems last fall.
Poor yarrow, now you’re crushed and bent and splay
must take my shears to sage and prop your sprawl.

Veronica, only one spear appears.
It seems your gray-green foliage is squeezed
by hardy heather and hosta’s big ears.
Forgive me for my lack of pruning, please.

Even the lowly mosses take their cue
opportunists of my permissive ways
encroach at will, hide slugs and snails that chew
new growth all night, sleep undisturbed through days.

My garden needs a stronger hand, I fear
Live and let live has been my lazy tune.
I’d best get off my duff to work before
plant bullies make my plot a boring ruin.

–V.Nesdoly 2004


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