Tuesday, July 19, 2005

marker stone - part 2

So, this is part 2 remembering a time I heard from God.

marker stone part 1 is here.

My friend – who just ‘happened’ to contact me the weekend I was going through a personal crisis re: writing direction – answered the email I wrote her:

Dear Violet,

I agree that it’s a God-thing that you and I should be in contact at this time. I’m glad I obeyed the nudging of the Holy Spirit to write you.

The experience you’ve described is biblical, logical and normal. God gives a vision and eaterly you grasp it. Then the vision dies and you wonder, ‘what was that all about?’ After you’ve relinquished it all to God, He restores the vision but in a purer more alive way.

This happened to Moses, remember. As a young man he had a vision to become an advocate for the oppressed Israelites. He probably rationalized: Why else was I spared as a child and raised in Pharaoh’s house? For what other reason is power invested in me except to use it in just this cause? He killed the Egyptian. It didn’t turn out the way he’d hoped, and he had to run for his life. What was that all about? he may have asked himself. I thought I heard God speaking to me. Years later God appeared to him in a burning bush and commissioned him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. The vision again! Only now it was God doing it, and not Moses. There are so many examples in Scripture. Think of Joseph.

It happened to me as well. I received many green lights to write a book, went ahead and then the whole thing died. Years later it was revived and became a published work.

You’re doing the right thing in praying "Your will be done. I relinquish my writing to You."

I wouldn’t be too concerned about not falling to the ground when Fergus MacIntyre prayed for you. Not everyone does. I didn’t, and yet God;s anointing was on me too...

Yes, writing is hard work and often doesn’t feel like flowing inspiration. The secret is to do
something every day. That way you keep mentally in the flow...

Love Helen.

Finally, here’s my return note, sent the following Tuesday:

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your reply to my Summer Blues email on Saturday. I sure appreciated it and took a lot of encouragement from your positive suggestions and spiritual wisdom I must say that since the soul-searching of last week, my attitude toward writing has shifted dramatically.

God has showed me that I need to hold it loosely, dispense it generously (in encouragement, letters to friends, other ways that may not necessarily pay money) and above all, listen to His instructions, not strive to make my own way. Success then becomes not manuscript sales, but whether I’ve been obedient. I’ve begun each new year recently by taking a life scripture for that year.

My scripture this year is Matthew 6:33, 34 and at this time I see the principles in these verses being made abundantly clear – in my resolve and hopefully my experience too....

Love, Violet


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