Monday, July 25, 2005

it's summertime...

The Nicola d'Italia

The weekend just past had some wonderful moments. (We traveled to Kelowna - 4 hours- to visit with hubby’s sis Marilyn and bro-in-law Don who came all the way from Thunder Bay, Ontario.)

Friday night was a surprise planned by Arnold (hubby’s brother) who lives there. So 4:30 found us at Shelter Bay marina, boarding the Nicola d’Italia for a Classic Woodenboat Cruise.

For four (plus!) hours we toured Lake Okanagan on this beautifully restored 1965 wooden vessel. Captain Doug not only manned the boat, but also cooked us a steak dinner which we ate to the crooning of Tom Jones and other oldies. Even the weather eventually cooperated. The rain, which had begun around noon, petered out soon after we got on board so we not only had mostly dry sailing, but enjoyed the sunset on the lake.

If you’re ever in Kelowna, check out Doug’s Classic Woodenboat Cruises and Charters. His afternoon cruises stop for a 45-minute swim break, his boat has the jam to pull skis or a tube, he has a karaoke machine on order, and knows all about local fishing (he cut his boating teeth on his dad’s fishboat).

The siblings: Arnold, Ernie and Marilyn - parked in front of an antique sailboat - part of this weekend's antique boat show in Kelowna.

The outlaws: Violet, Don & Daphne - outside the Cherry Festival (why do our teeth look so weird? Must be from sampling all those cherries).


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