Friday, July 01, 2005

happy canada day!

Today is Canada Day and we celebrate 138 years of Confederation.

It’s a day when people go on picnics or to local celebrations like the one that will happen at Canada Place in Vancouver. People don all kinds of Canada-wear, and paint maple leafs on their hands or faces. In the evening there will be fireworks.

My Mom used to have an annual Canada Day brunch. She was a collector of Canadiana so once she’d assembled cups, saucers and glasses with provincial floral emblems and crests, what better day to put them to use than on Canada Day?

For years she’d invite eleven people (plus herself makes twelve–one for each province and territory) and each person got to drink out of their own provincial teacup. Of course once Nunavut became a territory on April 1, 1999, the number changed to twelve. She wrote to the territorial government that year to get the necessary info. Although she couldn’t find the appropriate floral-stamped teacup in time for her brunch, she used typical Albertine ingenuity and cut a picture of the Nunavut flower – purple saxifrage– from the info she got, pasted it on a plain teacup and the set was complete again. (By the way, do you know the floral emblems of every province and territory? If you live here, do you know your province’s floral emblem?)

Another thing we did at her brunches was play Canada Trivia. She always made up her own questions and frequently stumped quite a few of us!

I’m afraid I can’t come through with the food part of this annual tradition. But in the spirit of Mom’s Canada Day Brunch, here is a collection of Canadian quizzes.

If you passed Grade 4 Social Studies, you’ll ace this test of the provinces and their capitals.

This Canadian geography quiz should also be no problem.

This Canada in General quiz is more varied.

And this University of Saskatchewan Canada Quiz is the most fun. Informative answer sheet!

If by now you’re not quizzed out, this Govt. of Canada - Department of Natural Resources web site has a variety of quizzes – timed too if you're craving a little more stress.
Again, Happy Canada Day!


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