Monday, August 22, 2005

good news!

The article "Puzzle Your Way to Publication" which I submitted to the Institute of Children’s Literature web site was accepted and published on Friday!

If you aspire to write for kids, you’ll want to check out this helpful and informative site. On top of plugging their excellent writing course (I took it and had several stories and an article accepted before I was through), they offer over 100 pieces on everything from "Getting Started" to "Writer’s Guidelines" for the time when you want to try your hand at writing for them.

To find all these articles, from the home page, click on "RX for Writers," then choose "Writer’s Support" or "Writing Tips" and presto – enough writing about writing to make your eyes go buggy!

This site also features biweekly interviews with published children’s writers. Those transcribed interviews are available too, as is a "Writer's Retreat" which includes a message board and a chat room where you can meet and hang out with writers of similar interest.

Selecting "Writing For Adults"(from the home page) will take you to the Longridge Writer’s Group site, which offers similar riches.


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