Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a b.c. travelogue - 2

The Gold Rush Trail - July 29, 30

We hit the road by 8 a.m., heading north from Kamloops on highway 97 to just past Quesnel, where we will turn off onto Highway 26 and travel east towards Wells and Barkerville.
Here are some bits from my journal:

(Playing: Jason Upton - Jacob’s Dream)

We’re just past Clinton. Pine forests beside us have lots of rust and red trees sprinkled among them – evidence of the advance of the mountain pine beetle infestation (and which I’ve heard called one of the best-kept-secret disasters in the making).

A short way back, we passed a stand of poplars. Ernie remarks, this is like a Saskatchewan forest. It reminds him of overhearing his uncle and his uncle’s brother-in-law, Joe, reminiscing about their wood-cutting expeditions.

"We cut wood," says Joe (and Ernie mimics him in a heavy Ukrainian accent), "smoke cigars and drink home brew." Any excuse for a party, we figure!

Nearing 100 Mile House. It’s 11:40 and we’re back on the road after a pit stop in Williams Lake. I turn on the radio, looking for some country and western music – you got to listen to C&W when you’re in this country. We find a station that calls itself "The Wolf."

"Relax and let another six-pack summer roll," advises one song.

"There’s a difference between livin’ and livin’ well" declares another.

Weather forecast: Variable from 40-60% chance of showers. Lows 10C, to highs 19-24C (so we won’t be contending with any heat wave).


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