Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We come at last to another paved road, the Stewart Cassiar Highway. Here we turn right and drive to Kitwancool Village.

The totem poles here are some of the oldest and most interesting. The pole I'm looking through is called "Hole in the Sky" and has been reinforced with metal rods, and a step up so visitors can pose inside it.

We return on the road we’ve just taken until we come to the "Battle Hill" stop and a legendary Indian fortress called Nekt. Then we carry on the Highway to the village of Kitwanga. This is Kitwanga’s St. Paul’s Anglican Church and bell tower.

While there, we see the carvers at work in the carving shed. They invite us to have a look. Here is Sonny hard at work.

This future information building is being painted in traditional Indian designs and colors. Cute little Deanne poses for me just below the killer whale’s tail.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you loved the pole of my family. Hole in the Sky. I am derek rodgers of the Hazimsque house, the wolf clan. From Gitsegukla, BC.

Violet N. said...

Thanks for the comment, Derek. You sure live in a beautiful part of BC - I love the northwest.

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