Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It’s hard to write about anything else after seeing pictures of the devastation done by Katrina. Even though I’m sure the people affected won’t read this - probably couldn’t even if any ever came by here because of no electricity, computers, perhaps even homes - I just want to say how sorry I am for your incredible losses, and that we are praying for you.

Just now on the news I saw a grieving man talking to a reporter, describing how his wife said goodbye and let go of his hand after telling him to take care of the kids and grand-kids. The reporter was sobbing as she asked him questions, what was his name, his wife’s name... just in case. He looked stunned, seemed in shock.

WLOX TV has online videos taken by helicopter news crews of what Gulfport and Biloxi look like now.

coming close to home: In talking to my daughter last night, I discovered one of her good friends has gone to New Orleans for a holiday. She didn't use a travel agent, obviously hadn't been following the news, and was on the last flight in before the airport shut down. She's okay, but has been spending her holiday with thousands of others in that stadium!


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