Monday, August 29, 2005

veggie car -- it's no tale!

With the high price of gasoline these days, alternate fuels are looking better all the time. Have you ever considered, for instance, running your car on vegetable oil?

Apparently, diesel-burning cars can be modified to do just that. But it’s not a new idea.

When Rudolf Diesel introduced his signature engine at the 1900 Paris Exposition, he said two words as he started it: "Peanut oil." He’d designed his engine so farmers could grow their own fuel. Most diesel engines were indeed run on vegetable oil until the 1920s, when the petroleum industry promoted a gasoline byproduct as diesel fuel.... [read more]

Kits are available for the modification, the exhaust is supposed to smell like French fries but there is one main problem: where do you fill up? The man featured on last night’s TV Global news got his oil free from a local restaurant (as does this man). The restaurateurs were happy to give their used deep-fryer oil another lease on life instead of pouring it down the drain.


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