Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We had a visit yesterday from a very special family...the one we met briefly at the Vancouver Children's Hospital back in March.

The little just-born munchkin I took this picture of back then is now this radiant six-month-old.

And Adele, who is now three and is this week having her annual checkup at Children's is this grown-up little girl.

You may recall Adele was born in August of 2004 with hydrocephalus. Soon after birth she had surgery and a shunt was put in. They later discovered she was blind.

Her eyesight continues to improve. She can now see, recognize and name colors. Another favorite thing of hers is to study stairs. She needs to see things close-up. I showed her the picture I took of her little sister on my camera screen and asked her who it was. "Rebekah," she said, without hesitation.

Though she is still not walking, she scoots around on her bum efficiently, thank you very much. She talks a lot and has a great memory. She 'read' me one of her board books word perfect and when I read her a longer book and stopped here and there waiting for her to fill in the blanks - no problem. Bonnie, my niece and her mom said she learned 15 Bible verses this summer.

Adele is no longer so shy. Last time she freaked out when I picked her up. This time as we played with our old collection of Fisher Price people and blocks, she snuggled close and called me by name, then handed me her favorite 'Blue Teddy' to hold.

Bonnie and Duane are patience personified. I can't imagine better parents for these two little girls. From a traumatic start three years ago, they are building a beautiful family with God's grace glistening all over it.


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