Friday, January 28, 2005

my hon...

A day to celebrate Ernie...

- chivalry lives on in him. When I was just getting to know him, I was impressed by the way he made sure I was still following his car in traffic on the way to a friend’s house, pulling over to wait if I got stopped by a red light. He still opens doors and pulls out my chair - if I remember to let him.

- he has certainly kept his side of the bargain to cherish 'in sickness and in health’? I especially appreciated his loyalty and patience during a couple of difficult pregnancies.

- with him I laugh a lot. He has a droll sense of humor that comes out in all kinds of surprising places.

- he’s a man of God - loves the Lord and wakes up with a song on his heart practically every morning. He has a booming opera-like voice to go along with it. He reins himself in most times - but I love it when in summer, I happen to hear his booming baritone, above the sound of the lawnmower.

- he is open-handed and generous. When I complain I have nothing to wear, it’s "Go buy yourself something." I guess that’s pretty safe, because he knows I don’t like to shop.
- he knows the value of the leisurely break. Each day (when it isn't raining - or snowing) we drive to one of about six nearby walking trails for a noon-hour walk.

- not defined by gender stereotypes, since he took early retirement last year he (get this) cooks the meals, does the grocery shopping and the laundry (while I do my medical typing and write). It doesn’t get much better than this.

But I’m cooking tonight - because today is his birthday.


Donna said...

Vilot, you need to be sure to tell a few of his flaws in a piece like this so your readers don't fall in love with your man, LOL. Seriously, he sounds like one of God's *good* gifts, and I'm happy you have a godly man by your side.
What are you making him for his birthday dinner?

Violet N. said...

Ah Donna, would you believe it if I said he didn't have any (flaws - that is)? LOL!

Dinner - Ukrainian all the way - koubasa (garlic sausage for those who don't know), perogies and lazy cabbage rolls - with carrot cake and a fruit plate to share with friends who I've invited to drop by later... You see, it's a biggie - 60!

Kim said...

Violet, what a beautiful tribute to your husband. It is so very encouraging to hear a woman build up her husband in this way. He is a blessed man!

Violet N. said...

Thank you, Kim! I guess my rationale is - we're really on the same team, so why would I trot out his faults. (Besides, I know he'd never do that to me, though he knows my warts all too well!)

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