Tuesday, January 25, 2005

o recalcitrant computer

Fellow blogger Vicki at Windows to My Soul has almost had it with her computer. I post this bit of doggerel today for her and all of us who have a love-hate relationship with technology.


O recalcitrant computer
first you need a double booter
then the screen turns black and blue
only tattlers getting through:
"Nasty program -- it's a fact --
has performed illegal act
and at once will be shut down."
Do you wonder that I frown?

Turn the fool thing on again
and I get the message screen
"Last turned off improperly:
do it right -- you won't see me!"
Love to leave you (now don't smirk
when I need you for my work)
need you more than you need me;
techno co-dependency.

V.Nesdoly 2004


Vicki said...

Hi Violet! Well, I was tickled that you mentioned me in your post today, and absolutely LOVE the poem (Recalcitrant Computer) that you wrote! Sounds like you know exactly how I feel:-) Thanks for the blog entry. I enjoy your writing and draw encouragement from it. If you don't mind, I'd love love to add your blog site to my list of "Blog Mates". We bloggers need to stick together...lol...

God bless you and keep up the good writing.


Violet N. said...

Mind? Why Vicki, I'd be honored! Thank you so much. Easy on that computer, though.

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