Wednesday, December 29, 2004

endings and beginnings

Today feels like the official beginning of endings and beginnings. For weeks I’ve honed in on Christmas and the celebrative season. But as the 26th bleeds into the 27th, then the 28th and now the 29th I feel the focus change. The sense of my brain shifting gears is an almost physically palpable thing. I become aware of all the year-end jobs I could do - clearing out file drawers, backing up, then deleting stuff from the computer, giving thought to next year - the big outline, then filling in details. Mentally I begin to list the projects still unfinished, the things I’d like to tackle, the must-dos to fit in between...

I love this time of year - everlastingly full of hope and new possibilities. But before I get too carried away, I need to remind myself of an even bigger frame I inhabit. As a child of God, property of Jesus, I am first of all at His beck and call. So I’d best not let myself get too far along any self-manufactured paths. In fact, I’d best not set out on them in the first place.

So, Lord, I bring the urge to tidy, organize and plan my life to You.

For I am God’s own handiwork, His workmanship, recreated in Christ Jesus, born anew that I may do those good works which God predestined, planned beforehand, for me, taking paths which He prepared ahead of time – living the good life which He pre-arranged and made ready for me to live. (bold mine - paraphrase of Ephesians 2:10 - Amplified Bible).

It is God who arms me with strength
and makes my way perfect....
You broaden the path beneath me,
so that my ankles do not turn. (Psalm 18:32,36 - NIV).

Help me to find and walk Your path for me in the year ahead. Amen.


Kim said...

How far are in into Celebration of Discipline, violet? One of the chapters there,I think it is the one on solitude, talks about finding time on a yearly basis to reflect on past accomplishment and future goals.

I find I am very reflective at the end of the year, even if it is only to evaluate how well I've kept the dust bunnies down!

Violet N. said...

Kim, I found the part and read it yesterday. Thanks!

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