Monday, December 20, 2004

a night not to be silent - 5


clean pajamas
clothes for the next day
his favorite blanket
a note in his backpack
a flashlight
all this to spend one night
sleeping two doors down
with his best friend
even then
I’m up half the night

You sent your Son
to a stable full of strangers
knew he wouldn’t be home
for thirty years

and who do You pray to?

© 2004 Susan Plett

Susan lives in Alberta, Canada and writes often (though not only) about her family. I always enjoy her poetry. (Her poems remind me of the writing of one of my favorite poets, Linda Pastan). Read more of Sue's work here.

Adoption (A New Birth)

Somewhere across town, or the universe
an angel laughs, points, nudges his neighbor,
Christ is born.
Another heart by divine intercourse
cracks open, locks torn –
finds the bundle of Love left
parked upon the heart’s threshold;
receives Him whole, rocks in absolute wonder,
cradling heaven’s delight.
Stars wink back and forth.
A horn sounds, songs erupt.
Tears of joy splatter unchecked
wet the Boy, God’s Son
nestled snug within His newfound home.
His hand visible, waving, tells all,
come, gather round, meet the newest
member of the holy family.

© 2004 Darlene Moore Berg

Darlene writes from her home in Missouri. I find her poems accessible but profound. She’s also prolific, and has collected her poems into several chapbooks. Somehow she found time to put this project together - on top of running her pediatric practice and shouldering much responsibility for her family and aging Mom. Thanks Darlene! (Again, read more of her work here.)


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