Friday, December 03, 2004

my poet friends

Kudos to friends whose poems won prizes in a recent contest at Utmost Christian Writers.

Jan Wood from Big River Saskatchewan placed first with "...finding the words..." It will take your breath away.

Calgary poet Sue Plett won second place with "There Should be A Word." It fits right in to the warm-kitchen atmosphere of the Christmas season.

Other winners were James Beard (3rd place) from Follett Texas and Linda Neff (honorable mention) from Guelph Ontario. I hope their poems are posted soon.

Note: If you’re a Christian poet, consider entering the Utmost Christian Poetry Contest 2005. The competition is stiff, but the fees are low, and the prize money is good and getting better (judging from how the Cdn. $ is gaining value every day)


Phil Dillon, Prairie Apologist said...


Thanks for the comments you've made on my blog.

I read your poetry and find it wonderful, especially "I Don't Want to Pray." It was absolutely wonderful.

My wife is retiring in about a couple of weeks and she is going to start up a blog with her poetry, which is much like yours.

I try my hand at poetry now and again, but I have a harder touch or bite to it.

Again, thanks for your kind comments. The feedback means a great deal to me.

Violet N. said...

Phil, thank you. Your comments are much appreciated! I should love to read Nancy's work when her blog gets active. Please make sure you let me know.

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