Sunday, December 26, 2004

merry boxing day!

What a fabulous day, yesterday, with our little family - just the four of us. Sonia was home from Kamloops and Ben deigned to spend the whole day with us - that is until evening, when it was off to see the girlfriend.

Much richness for me under the tree. I got a beautiful sweater from Sonia (I should always let my 21-year-old daughter dress me - she has fabulous taste!), a CD from Ben (Revival in Belfast II), lovely smelly stuff from Ernie, and books and $$ to buy some more clothes (yes, I will take S. on my shopping trip - but we won’t go today - for once the 26th falls on a Sunday and I don’t have to feel the least bit of shopping pressure, although I regularly, on principle, resist the pull of this biggest shopping day of the year anyway - crowds and unbridled avarice make me crazy).

The books I got are the stuff of salivation:

The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I’ve read this one, but it was S’s copy, which she reclaimed. Now I have one of my own.

The Sacred Romance by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge - I’ve heard so much good stuff about Eldredge, I just had to ask for something by him.

Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias - I’ve always loved listening to Ravi Zacharias. I still treasure a tape series we bought after a conference he did in our then-church (Circle Drive Alliance in Saskatoon) way back when his hair was still black. And for a Christian living in the Canada of 2004/5, I think Christian apologetics is required reading!

Finally, How to Fast Successfully by Derek Prince. Fasting is a discipline I find fascinating, but ‘out there’? Don’t know why I’ve avoided it. This together with Foster’s book may get me started.

Today, though, we don’t fast. Today we go to Mom’s in Abbotsford for more food and family. My sisters Bea (and her twins Jacquie and Adrienne) and Doris will be there, and my family. Ben brings Amelia and Sonia’s boyfriend (Matt) arrives from Kamloops sometime today (and I am secretly whispering prayers till he arrives, as he must drive the Coquihalla and it rained here all day yesterday which means they probably got a dump of snow in the mountains).

So, am I not rich?

Now I must start getting ready my contribution for the family dinner. To add to Rebecca’s Cranberry Apple Pie, I will bring cheesy potatoes (for which I now grate half an onion - and how DOES one get that onion small off one’s hands?).

Merry Boxing Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

My wife washes her hands with a small bar of solid stainless steel (like a bar of soap) and the smell is gone instantly.


Violet N. said...

No way! How interesting. And how does it work, and where would one find one of these? Thanks for the tip CVG and L! (Today I used an old pair of surgical gloves - saved from another project, but properly scrubbed before I touched food).

Kim said...

violet, the Celebration of Discipline is a great book, as is Foster's book on prayer. Another great book on the disciplines is the one written by Donald Whitney. Ravi Zacharias's books are are all excellent. I hope to hear him speak some time this year.

Happy reading!

Violet N. said...

Kim, thanks for the Donald Whitney pointer. I don't know him, or the Foster book on prayer, though I do have Foster's book "The Freedom of Simplicity" which I want to reread as well. (The trick now, is to put some of these great learnings into practice in one's life!)

Rebecca Stark said...

Ha! We had cranberry apple pie yesterday, too!

Violet N. said...

Thanks to you, Rebecca, we have a new family favorite!

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