Saturday, October 18, 2008

steve bell concert

Steve Bell concert Oct. 17 at Peace Portal Alliance Church, Surrey, BC.
(Pianist extraordinaire Mike Janzen, guitar player and vocalist Jon Buller [some of his songs resemble the music of Chris Rice], Roy Salmond [talk about a music multi-tasker; throughout the evening he played several guitars, accordion, ukelele, percussion thingys and sang too], and Steve Bell.)

We attended the excellent Steve Bell concert last night. What fun!

The YouTube is characteristic of Bell's music - acoustic, feel-good, upbeat (usually) ballads.

He is currently promo-ing his new CD Devotion which has a slightly different feel to it. For one thing he's written none of the songs. Most are by his friend Gord Johnson, songs Steve describes on the album notes as "elegant worship songs." They were written for the Anglican church community of St. Benedict's Table in Winnipeg (where Steve attends).

Steve gave us a sampling last night. Liturgical, simple and catchy yet luminous, they are a wonderful contribution to the body of modern Christian music. Especially beautiful is "The Lorica" a rootsy adaptation of St. Patrick's Prayer (by Gayle Salmond).

We were invited to sing along with many of the songs. The fact that we were able to do so never having heard the tunes and lyrics before is testimony to how accessible they are.

Want a taste? Bell is offering a free mp3 download of "Praise the Father" from the new CD on his website.

There are more concerts happening in the area and around the country with new Signpost artist Kerri Woelke providing another listenable segment of the evening. So if you're free, hie yourself hither and get a ticket. You'll not be sorry.

You can hear more of Steve's music at
Steve Bell's MySpace
Steve Bell's FaceBook


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