Tuesday, October 28, 2008

werd nerd - univocalic

I've lately subscribed to A.Word.A.Day which sends me a just that -- an email containing a new word (and its meaning) five days a week.

That's how I got introduced to the word univocalic (yoo-niv-uh-KAL-ik) noun. It's a piece of writing that uses only one of the vowels. (It can also be used as an adjective - "Using only one vowel.")

Apparently "strengthlessness" is the longest one word univocalic.

Here's a challenge. How many words can you string together in a univocalic sentence?

My attempt: "Detergent Pete, the meek eel, rents even-keeled feet sets yet seeks
them well bent, prefers never-dented, the greener the better, beet red
the best."

But that's nothing. I just saw a 69-word univocalic sentence. Can anyone best that?


Accidental Poet said...

Check out Christian Bok's "Euonia" - every CHAPTER is univocalic.

violet said...

Accidental - that is mind-boggling! (Just the thought of writing such a thing makes my head ache.)

Luckstar123 said...

oh god its amazing
These are amazing:
Let's never, ever remember pesky pests, fender benders, pens lent, cents spent, where we've never been; better we remember where we've been, letters we've been sent; better see the best, be the best, whether we've been tested, whether we've been bested, when we're rested let's remember pets we've petted, checker sets, pretty scenes we've seen; then whether we're here, whether we're there, even when needy we'll ever be blessed.

Meet me 'ere the glen,
Where the sleek tree bends,
Where the tree's evergreen
Never felt better.

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